What is Kendleton Farms

One of our residential facilities.

One of our residential facilities.

Every product purchased from Kendleton Farm’s helps to provide a future for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. The workshop is located on an 84 acre farm in Texas. Survivors on the farm live, heal, and work. The farm is serene, therapeutic, and community oriented. Kendleton Farms is home to our residents, staff and many happy farm animals

Kendleton Farms is part of the larger non-profit Elijah Rising. Elijah Rising has been aiding women trapped in sex trafficking since 2012. For more information about our other programs, click here.


             How a group of friends bought a farm


In 2015, a small group of passionate people took a big leap of faith and purchased 84 acres in a town they’d never heard of! During their years helping women exit the sex industry, they had experienced the need for quality aftercare. They were overwhelmed with the lack of bed space, services, and jobs available for survivors. The team heard about a small college campus for sale outside of Houston. With dorms, farm space, and onsite housing for staff, the opportunity seemed too great to miss.

The property was appraised for 2.2 million dollars. They offered 30% of that, just $750,000, for the property. It's important to note that they didn't have $750,000. With the offer they attached this note:

“If you accept our offer, we believe God will give us this money!”

Within a few days they received the call. The sellers would accept the offer, but grant only 45 days to close. IMPOSSIBLE! How could the team raise over 3 times their operational budget in the middle of the slowest fundraising season of the year? Before doubt could set in (exactly 5 minutes after the offer was accepted) another call came in. A foundation called Orphan’s Promise was donating $75,000, exactly 10% of the amount they needed.

Days of calls, texts, prayers, meetings, and fundraisers led to a remaining balance of $300,000 just 5 days before closing. In those last 5 days, an anonymous foundation offered to loan the organization the remaining $300,000 with no interest.

Papers were signed, celebrations were had, and in August of 2017 the final payment will be made. Kendleton Farms will be debt free!